Kelsey James' talent as a hair stylist and makeup artist is rooted in rural Texas; the youngest of 5 girls and quintessential beauty queens, she grew up witnessing the elaborate beauty rituals of southern women.  In her teens she discovered the world of high fashion and celebrity makeup while meticulously studying and collecting beauty pages from Allure, W, and Vogue. 

After assisting top artists in the industry and receiving a formal education, she began working with esteemed photographers, stylists and designers. She quickly became known for her professionalism, attention to detail, and calming personality. 

Her ability to effortlessly collaborate with other creatives makes her an on-set staple.  Working with photographers such as Dan Winters, Joe Pugliese, and Jai Mayhew on editorial & commercial assignments for Vanity Fair, Money Magazine, People Magazine and others. 

When not on set, she can be found lounging on Lake LBJ with her pups. 

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